Acadiana Environmental Solutions

Acadiana Environmental Solutions is a distribution company that is passionate and committed to protecting people and the environment worldwide by providing SNIPER, an American-made, EPA-registered product that is environmentally safe, companied with cutting edge, scientific technology in odor elimination, cleaning, disinfection and so much more. SNIPER is utilized in a variety of industries with a wide scope of applications and is strategically designed to seek out and destroy its target on a molecular level, without harming people or the environment. Whether you’re attempting to eliminate an offensive odor, bacteria, virus, harmful pathogen, prevent the spread of infectious disease or simply create a healthier environment for people to live and breathe – SNIPER will accomplish the mission! Please explore our website and contact us for more information.


What do you get when you combine the power of an industrial strength disinfectant with eco-friendly all-purpose cleaning benefits? You get SNiPER®, next generation environmental science technology. SNiPER® is not harmful to humans, animals and the environment yet specifically engineered to target the threats that do plague our indoor environments. With SNiPER® technology, you have a disinfectant working for you not poisoning your health and the air you breathe. SNiPER® has no noxious odor and does not produce Volatile Organic Compounds. It is non-corrosive and non-flammable. It is lethal to pathogens not your health and your environment. It is hypo-allergenic and a true biodegradable product. Protect your indoor environments without risk of harmful fumes and residues. You can spray SNiPER® and clean thoroughly or leave to dry without the fear of corrosion to wood, granite and other surfaces. SNiPER® is named the Ideal Biocide by Herman Sabath, Ph.D. MPH CMC/CMI, Global Leader in Microbial Infections and Indoor Environments.

Get to know SNiPER®

Out with the old and in with the New

Make your life easier. Before we used one chemical to clean, another to disinfect and yet another to deodorize. Then, we were left with 3 different chemical odors trying to mask our original odors. With SNiPER®, you get disinfection that really works, an all purpose, all surface cleaner for any mess and a true non-masking odor eliminator. No chemical fragrance to hide odors just simple odor removal. Remove smoke, skunk, garbage, waste, pet urine, pet odors, bathroom odors, sweat, mildew and so much more. Kill mold, virus, bacteria and spores. SNiPER® does not use poison to disinfect. It uses a mechanical action to disassemble its target on a molecular level. Micro-organisms cannot revive and they cannot become immune to SNiPER®.

The Ideal Biocide

Highest Efficacy – Killing the most life threatening micro-organisms and spores

Lowest Toxicity – EPA Category IV (lowest rating allowed)

Easiest Applications – Versatile and Easy to apply. No mixing required. Comes ready to use. Simply spray to clean, disinfect and deodorize.